We partner with business leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to strategically leverage technology to transform emerging and established enterprises, and to build web and mobile products. 

By providing strategic technology leadership from concept through execution, we help to rapidly create value for our clients and venture partners.


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software development

We help enterprises and entrepreneurs design, develop, and launch new web and mobile products.

From vision to implementation, and from initial traction to acceleration, we work hand-in-hand with you through every stage.

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technology strategy

We help forward-thinking executives to evaluate and navigate technology risks, identify opportunities to reduce costs &/or power growth, and develop and execute strategies to rapidly accomplish identified goals.

We take pride in helping you deliver outsized value to your enterprise by tackling complex assignments.


Verge has a strong history of developing, deploying and operating enterprise software and SaaS solutions.

Our expertise includes software design and engineering, mobile and web product development, ecommerce, supply chain, ERP, enterprise transformation, and business development for both consumer and enterprise markets.

With backgrounds as founders, advisors, and operators of enterprise and consumer software companies we have a deep understanding of the importance of connecting each element of the value chain — from front-end UX to back-end systems — so that users of a software solution or product have an extraordinary experience during their entire engagement.

Our approach is to engage deeply as a trusted member of the investment team and operating company, and provide software and technology leadership and strategy. We partner with you from initial discovery through planning and execution. 

Enterprise Software

Our team has built and deployed world-class, web-based enterprise applications that power sophisticated planning and execution operations for large Fortune 500 corporations, as well as solutions used by small and mid-sized businesses.

We thrive on challenging, mission-critical assignments where expertise is needed to get it done right the first time, on budget and on time.

> Architecture

> Design

> Engineering

> Productizing                                

> Web & SaaS

> Mobile

> Open source

> Scalable


We work with clients and partners to rapidly design, develop and deploy industry-leading ecommerce solutions including multi-store and multi-channel systems.

Our engagements have gone end-to-end from lead generation, site design & development, to order capture, processing, allocation and fulfillment, to designing and building optimal warehouse/distribution systems and implementing supply and fulfillment networks.

Our expertise spans the entire ecommerce value chain.

> Design

> Build

> Run

> Iterate

> Enhance

> Product catalog

> Demand generation

> Conversion optimization

> Order management

> Fulfillment

> Returns

Social Media

Our team provides inbound marketing and cross-channel marketing, strategy development and execution – ensuring that your marketing spend is properly balanced between the approaches that will provide the highest return on investment, whether it’s organic or paid search, social media, corporate blogging, or even software development for integration and automation.

> Social media

> Organic search

> Paid search

> Corporate blogging

> Analysis

> Design

> Implementation

> Optimization

> Automation

> Education

Due Diligence

We provide technology review and due diligence services for clients and venture partners wanting a thorough review before making an acquisition of a company or software product, or before embarking on an important IT initiative.

> Technology strategy diligence

> Software product diligence

> Enterprise IT diligence

> Enterprise software diligence

> Technology team diligence